Spiders Textured

I had a thought of what would be required for the spider when the lighting and the bright red light are brought in later and remembered that as a group we decided on simple textures

Therefore I have not produced UV maps for the spiders because I felt the details would be dominated by the central red glow coming from the eye and they are shown much in the trailer, just as brief glimpses of presence.

I have chosen a wine colour for the eye because this clearly indicates the source of where the red glow would come from and in my mind, this is the colour of the eye when it's not glowing. I have textured the rest to give the spiders a shiny metalic feel to capture the period feel of the 30's - 60's.

@Dayle and Sean, is this what you meant by basic texturing, I just figured with the lighting and the red glow that we would only get an impression of the colour of each spider?

Let me know

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  • Yes this is fine buddy. The light will indeed dominate the textures, especially when we make alterations to the light in post-production.

  • Thanks Dayle I shall get on to skinning and rigging soon I hope, To answer your concern from your blog, I am trying to quickly remodel the head and intend to at least get the character tutorials done which will hopefully help me to understand how to skin and rig the spiders :)

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