Ammended Spider Geomentry

I took Sean's advice of eight legs and where to place them from further research and they are hopefully now more 'spider-like'.

@Dayle and Sean, Please comment back and give me your opinions on this, I think the eight legs has improved the alpha but not sure on the drone. Are you happy with these now or any other adjustments you would like me to make?

I won't start the UV's until you let me know if the geomentry is ok

Drone Wireframe

Drone Smooth Preview

Alpha Wireframe

Alpha Smooth Preview

2 comment(s) to "Ammended Spider Geomentry"

  • Really glad you listened to the feedback. This looks much better, do you not agree?

    When you start to rig the spider make sure the legs have more coverage over the ground. Basically, spread them out. The four legs nearest to the body will stretch out the most and the centre of balance will look and feel more stable.

    From birds eye view: If you were to dot each of the surface points the feet touch and join them up, the shape would look similar to an octagon.

  • That's if you decide to keep the eight legs on the drone. Maybe six is more suited as the legs appear to overcrowd it's small body? :)

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