@Dayle - Reattempt at Desk

@ Dayle - I have taken your advice of making the drawers the same size, removing the 'fridge' on the opposite side, replacing it with more drawers as shown. I have also extruded the table face up and bevelled the edges so that the desk no longer looks sharp at the corners

Is this alrite?

Wireframe on Shaded Model

Smooth Preview Front

Smooth Preview Side

Smooth Preview Side

Smooth Preview 3/4 Turn

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  • This is much better, Adam. However, I recommend using the bevel tool to ensure those edges are tight and so that the table, in this instance, doesn't look spongy, which is the feeling I'm getting when looking at it. Please take look at the post I am about to upload, where I have grabbed a selection of images from your posts and annotated them in red. This illustratively shows you what I mean, and provides you with more guidance on how I mean with my feedback.

    Thank you for getting these props done sharpish, as time is creeping away very fast.

    My progress with Rick has started and I am working diligently to model the head. Will provide progression shots when I reach a desired checkpoint...

    Please keep working hard, Adam!

  • ok great I'm glad you are cracking on with the second character

    and put that post up ASAP or I will go straight into UVs which I started to do with the radio

    Ideally I think we should be up to animating very soon if not this week then over christmas

    Look forward to seeing your progress soon!

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