Prop Development - Completed Microphone

I have started on the next set of props for the newscrew, the microphone was fairly simple as I knew the particular design from my drawing and the images I found in my research.

Wireframe on Shaded Model

Microphone Smooth Preview Front

Microphone Smooth Preview Side

Microphone Smooth Preview Back

Microphone Smooth Preview 3/4 Turn

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  • The microphone grille (head) looks unintentionally squashed and the balancing of the geometry looks wonky as depicted in the preview side. Also, maybe the hand grip should be longer? We'll have to wait and see until I finish modelling Linda so we can equip the microphone. Reshape and reupload when you have some time to do so/ come back to when I have finished this. Otherwise, great!

  • Thanks Dayle! for both comments and I see what you are saying for both and maybe I can take another look after i have had an attempt at all props

    Would it be possible to put a WIP model of Linda up at some point just to see how you are doing

    Also I am slightly concerned that haven't seen anything of Sean's environment but when I do this will also help with what I need for the Props!

    But yes I Will take your FEEDBACK into consideration because it all needs to work in the trailer as you said but I might churn out the rest of the props first just in case I need to change more :)

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