Development: Completed Animatic

Development: Completed Animatic
The ending is resolved and ready. 


Draft Composition of Narrative Title

@ Dayle
Heres the render of the draft title comp, i lucky save a render to account at uni which worked, as one i took home was corupt and couldnt open the After Effects project as well as you due to different version.


Development: Initial Animatic and Resolved Animatic

Development: Initial Animatic and Resolved Animatic
The ending to the resolved animatic is not meant to be this. It will be changed and re-uploaded.


Logo Ideas

I had a bit of experimentation in photoshop to try and produce some logo ideas for Studio Crawler.

I quite like the fifth design because it goes back to a previous idea of the electricity and I think the colour scheme works better.

@Sean and Dayle, let me know what you think about the designs so far and if you like the font choice because I have only experimented with one example that I found and I have five other fonts that I thought might work but figured this particular one might work well.


Influence Map for Robot Spiders 2

I have put together an influence map using the more updated inspirations of the one eye theme and the female wolf spider which was the original inspiration for the mother spider.


Corridor Concept Resolved

I have taken some feedback from the group and worked out the direction of where the light of the spider's eye is going now.


Week 6: Pitch: Plan

Week 6: Pitch: Plan

Hey guys.

Each of us can talk for 2 minutes during our pitch and then we can play a resolved animatic at the end.
Please choose another entry below: 1, 2, or 3. I’ve already placed your names next to two entries based on what you’ve created/ what I feel you’ll be comfy talking about. Let’s get green light!

Location Details
The Pitch will take place on Thursday in the CG Arts Baseroom from 2pm

'The Pitch'
·         Each Studio will give a short 10 minute film pitch.

Each pitch will include & run in the following order:

1) Branding: DAYLE
Give a brief overview of the studio's branding (logo, blog, etc).

2) Retrofest Requirements: ADAM                                                                 
Present the film’s title, explain your choice of genre & method of approach (1, 2, or 3).

3) Treatment / Plot: SEAN
Present a synopsis of the films plot and give a list of potential cast members.

4) Character Design: DAYLE
Present an overview of the design progress made in this area & explain how each character meets the requirements of the story.

5) Environment Designs: ADAM                                                                              
Present an overview of the design progress made in this area & explain how each environment meets the requirements of the story.

6) Storyboard*, Trailer, & Edit: SEAN*                                                       
Give an overview of storyboard development before showing an Animatic version of the trailer (including temporary audio).

After this feedback will be given as to whether the project has a green, amber, or red light.


Tomorrow, we should meet up and talk about our animatics/ storyboards/ pending final developments; as a group -- and with Alan's input -- and compact them. We have had many, great cooking ideas; it's finally time to dish them up! 




Intial WIP Concept: Lab Corridor

I find Environment concepts harder to produce but I decided to try and the visualise the corridor at the pinnacle moment when the Spider's gaze causes a strong red light to occur from the ceiling vent. I decided to paint the space black and white so that the red light would be strong and show how it would cause an impact into the dark corridor. This has caused this concept to have a film noir feel, which was not my intention but I think it works to create an abandoned ghostly feel to represent that these characters are going back to an enviroment to how it was left in the past.

Stages of Progression


Storyboard - Development on Script

Storyboard Based On Revised Script

Heres my storyboard based on our Revised Script. I have tried to visualize it as best as possible, putting the scenes and camera angles as i see them when reading through.
These can simply be the 1st drafts for the storyboard that we can discuss and work upon or with. It will give you a perspective into my view of our trailer and could be an influence to yourself if you like certain parts.

I will try using most of these scene that i've drawn up into my animatic. along with anything else i can develop on the storyboard area.


Concept: Male Soundman (Rick)

Concept: Male Soundman/Boom operator (Rick)


Intial Concept of Robot Spiders 3

I have had another attempt to visualise the design of the robot spiders, I tried to go more retro with the concept of these spiders inhabiting a 1950's world that the characters are going back into. I basically used the turnabout sheets as the main inspiration for the shapes and structure but I discarded the pod feet as Dayle advised me that  they looked tacky. I feel this concept has come along way to my first attempts and that I starting to express the robotic as well as the spider form. I think I might make some tweaks to the design of the mother because I don't feel as happy with it as the design of the baby. I have included progression stages below.

@ Dayle and Sean, If there are any further thoughts or problems then please comment, let me know what you think as well


Attack of the Robot Spiders Animatic version 1

This is my animatic for the trailer, I have drawn out the stills using black and white line and tried to figure out the cuts and transitions between each shot as well as camera angles. I have included Dayle's soundtrack he created because it sets the tone nicely but eventually we are thinking about adding voice overs and maybe some extra sounds where they are needed. For now I have played around with the soundtrack to create something that fits the visuals and length of the animatic.

The official animatic came to 1 minute 45 seconds so is a bit too long as it currently stands but this is just a starting point to work out which scenes are working, need to edited or taken out.

@Sean and Dayle, take a look and comment about how you want to move forward with this.


Developed Robot Spider Ideas

Image 1 

Image 2 

I found the feedback very useful and I tried to address some of the problems in the previous concepts and ideas. I used Dayle's two images (Image 1 and 2 above) as a huge inspiration and starting points as an idea of the single eye, mechanic legs that  support it.

I also produced some turnabout pages to show different angles and the sections that were hidden from view in the front. 



I tried to have some similarities of parent to child to address Phil's feedback of the resemblance and tried to go more retro and mechanical with the design to give a 1950's Art Deco feel. I feel I have finally taken the organic away by adding piston legs, pod feet, one eye. Even though I have reduced the designs down there is something of a spider in their posture so will now develop these as concepts.


Intial Concept - Robot Spider Developed

I have looked to some of the successes of my earlier ideas and decided to focus on these as a better inspiration. Also I took on board what Dayle and Sean suggested to improve such as giving the spider one eye, pod feet and the smaller spiders making up the back body on the alpha spider. I am not sure on the head shape on the alpha spider but feel as if this concept has gotten closer to what we wan't them to look like. I have included the progression stages below.

@Dayle and Sean - Same as last time, could please comment back and let me know what is and isn't working and if you wan't me to change or develop on from this.


@Phil and Alan: Development: Script (Revised)

@Phil and Alan: Development: Script (Revised)

@Phil and Alan: When you a free moment, please read through our script and let us know if it is working. We really want to this get nailed by next week. Thanks in advance.

Revised Cast (W/O character descriptions):
Onscreen cast of four members. The news crew consisting of two onscreen and one off-screen (LINDA, RICK, and JOE) and VINCENT CRAIG. JR.

      Character Archetypes                                      Characters names                  
·          Male Tour guide scientist (at beginning)    - Vincent Craig Jr.
·          Female Presenter                                      - Linda Ashworth
·          Soundman                                                 - Rick/Richard Edwards
·          Cameraman (always O.S.)                         - Joe Connor
·          Male Captive/Corrupt Scientist (at end)     - Professor Andrew O’Sullivan

Black text = We are happy with this development
Red text = Undecided development.


Act 1 (Introduction to the aftermath of lab)

The radio is playing, the voice is laid-back style. Camera pans walls and laboratory equipment. Sleek, super hi—tech. Byzantine. There are a series of blueprints on the walls and tables. Signals on blueprints to suggest something has happened and camera examines the blueprints in a sequential order. Revealed is the discovery of a new experiment and the dangers of its evolution. “It” is now dangerous, evolved, independent, and intelligent. One blueprint really stands out; connecting up the dots of the story.

There is a lamp flashing on and off on a desk within a small room, the rays of light touching a “classified” document. Camera focuses on the document and lamp in the foreground and one of the corridors in the distance extending into infinite darkness. Suddenly, a noise works its way towards the camera. In a heartbeat, something attacks the lamp. ELECTRONIC IMPACT RINGS OUT. Lights OFF. Blackness. Electric legs and transitional SFX.

Studio ident
“A StudioCrawler Production”
Fade out:


Act 2 (one year later (Andrew has been hiding down here making illegal experimentation/biological hazard))
Silent, screechy strings start to play with a beat.



(Dolly-in) Shadows move towards the door. Sound of human voices. Someone begins to open the sealed doors.
(Cutaway) On the wall, there is a notice/dynamic symbol telling the characters where they are in the building. A sign is on the side.
(Close Up) Vincent’s hand on the lever beside electricity dashboard, with some effort, he raises the lever to turn it on.
(Wide shot of cast slowly trailing in one after another (except RICK who is O.S.) VINCENT CRAIG. JR. operates the hydraulics for the platform leading down to the underground; the only unblocked route to the underground facility.

Pings in a code.



(Establishing Shots) Three mains shots of laboratory: The main hub, the small room to the side with the blueprints and closed double doors.
The characters arrive in the central hub.

(Noddy shot)
“I’m going to setup here.”

            LINDA                     RICK ((O.S.)
Looks towards RICK-             “Yeah sure. Let’s do this quick and
Looks back.
* nods *
“All right!”


(P.O.V.) VINCENT picks up blueprint/duplicate of blueprint (much larger than first at beginning of teaser trailer)

(Two shot)
“Evidence is everywhere. Such advanced science, unexposed to the world.”

      “Gives me the jeepers just looking at that thing!”
      * shivers *


(Mid shot)
RICK and JOE move down the hall, opening doors left and right as other two stand at the center of it all.

“Just look at it... (Pause)”
Turns around to JOE
“It’s dead empty!”

(Close-up) RICK listens carefully. It’s barely audible, but it’s there. A low mechanical sound. It sounds like legs. He looks up at the grille that covers an air duct where the sound is coming from.

      (To JOE)
      “Do you hear that?”

            JOE CONNOR
* Nods, resulting in slight camera tilt *

(Wide shot of cast)

Sudden power failure.

LINDA                     RICK AND JOE
Simultaneously scream
* Squeals *                   * gasps *

            VINCENT (O.S.)        
“Nothing to be afraid of everyone. There’s a bug in the power. (PAUSE)”
He’s not kidding...
 “Any minute now”

       LINDA                     RICK
Simultaneously screams as something moves past and touches them
* Squeals *                  * Shouts *

Lights turn back on.

RICK notes that one of the unopened doors is now open. Along this new corridor wires are torn out of the walls, and in the distance it is very dark. A few emergency lights dotting the corridor.

      (Understands something is out of the norm)     
      “Feels like experimental misdirection.”

Looks around at to see if anybody else felt a ruffling against their legs.
Her worried eyes lock onto RICK. He returns an expression of facial concern.

A dead silent pause falls on everyone. It’s not rocket science. Sensing that something is wrong, Suddenly things become more urgent.

Lights jitter on and off.


Red light appears in the grille, shining a projected dull beam (from the spiders’ eye).

The cast panic and on instinct scatter into groups of two. LYNDA with VINCENT, and RICK with JOE.

Act 3 Finale wrap-up
NOTE: Events from here onwards of characters routed during story/teaser trailer.

Darkly expectant music starts to play.


“Inside a strange forbidden plantation, alive, deep in the underground hidden from man...(Pause)”


(Security Cam P.O.V.) Security cam monitors empty corridor. Picks up noise several times, and then abruptly a sudden shadow appears in corner of its peripheral.


Frantically punches the buttons on the door.
Again. AGAIN.

(Medium Close Up)
“We’re trapped and they’re herding us like cattle!”


The emergency lights have activated. Their surreal red glow makes everything seem ten times worse.

JOE (O.S.)
      “What do you think they are?”

“It’s above, below, and around you!”



(Over shoulder shot of LINDA and dark intersection of corridors)
Trying not to alert the mechanical things that are lingering in the shadows nearby, LINDA covers her mouth trying not to squeal. She pushes her back to the wall, standing there and panicking quietly. Takes a cheeky peak round the corner. Nice and slow-

…O’ shit.

       Wheezes/oral shape
       “Oh… Shit!”


Retreats head. Clutches onto flashlight. Realises the flashlight is not covered and in a frenzied movement tries to block light with her hand. Attempts to find the ON/OFF button-- Where is it?!- Oh my God!!! Can’t find it… Finds it.  *CLIIICK* echoes sound down the corridor; the red eyes find their way to the direction of the camera…

…Nice one Linda.


During flight, RUNS and STUMBLES into a metal, gooey web between a double doorway.

            * GASP *

“Watch yourself!”

            * SHOUTS *



Lashes out, turns to long corridor, almost hyperventilating while Fleeing.

            * Squeals *

Runs through a long corridor. Suddenly, collapses and glasses come off, releasing grip of flashlight and it travels down the corridor, the beam of the flashlight begins to pulsate —

(Vision blur)
* Screams *


Red eyes become blurred, syncing with glasses falling off.


Eyes become more focussed without glasses.

Music reaches a crescendo! Slightly menacing undertone running mostly inconspicuously in the background. Low-changing melodies with swinging sounds that are often perceived subconsciously. They shall run the subwoofer for a long time simply with a sonorous bass sound. The sound contributes enormously to the atmosphere of the film. The subwoofer is important for a powerful punch.

– Then, out of nowhere, sound of electronic legs hammer away at the irritating light. Then, there is total and utter pitch black.

“Creepy, crawly...(pauses)”

* Sound of mechanical legs moving *

“-and robotic!”

            * Shudders with disgust, Goosebumps, elongated scream *



Trembling uncontrollably with impaired vision, she looks around, and her eyes are filled with revelation.

“[Names here]”
“Including, guest star [Name here] as Professor, Andrew O’Sullivan:”

           Professor Andrew O’Sullivan
The wolfish smile has a sadistic edge to it.

      “You don’t even want to know about the mother.”


Optional ending 1

(Cinematic P.O.V.) Handheld camera is on the floor, alone and damaged. This is followed by an instant transition to handheld camera on the floor at a distorted angle. Through the screen we see the approach of a lone robot spider. Camera goes static, and then cuts out.

Optional ending 2

(Security Cam P.O.V.) Positioned at a static angle, the viewer can see that the handheld camera is now on the floor, alone and damaged (centralised in middle of the corridor). Through the security camera we see the approach of shadows and red lights. Camera begins to flicker with interference, becomes much distorted with sound and imagery, and then, we can perceive the shadows getting closer to the handheld camera. Static stops and camera readjusts. Handheld camera is now missing from view.

Cuts to black.

      “In... Attack of the Robot Spiders”

End credits.


Nobody is really sure about the nature of the Spider, so they are afraid of it. However, spider evolves itself for dominance, learning to reproduce by collecting metallic compounds and using electr1icity to replicate more nanites into the image of itself as a spider. The spiders are not killing the people; they are after the batteries in the cameras and their remaining technological devices. What is not revealed is whether the cast die but the viewer believes they will suffer an inevitable fate as a result of entering the spiders “hive”.


Intial Concept - Robot Spider

This a developed concept from the speed painting I produced earlier, this could be for the mother or the young spiders but not sure if this is the final approach because it feels quite organic metal than robot but slightly developed from the other designs I had drawn previously, I will probably try another attempt after consulting with my group and decided how best to move this process forward. Stages of progression below.

@Sean and Dayle, If you could please let me know if there is anything you like or is working with this design so that I can take that forward and hopefully improve a better developed concept.


Speed Concepts - Robot spider

This is a basic speed painting for robot spiders, their shape, structure and size. I will now produce a more resolved version with more detail refinement, stages of build up are below.


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