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Temporary post @ Adam and Sean. Are three scripts needed? Apart from grunts, gasps, screams and anknowledgements, I've looked over the animatic and discluding Linda, any other character dialogue is non-essential. I dunno. Let me know!

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  • Hi Dayle, I would suggest a shorter script for both

    What I mean is:

    Rick could have a bit of dialogue for the vent bit when he picks up movement on the boom stick and maybe some quick/ sharp one liners to add a bit of humour (MAYBE)

    Vincent needs dialogue more than Rick I imagine but maybe again just very short bits to introduce the fact that he has a story for the newscrew, a few descriptive parts, where he explains some of the facilty and maybe a small bit at the end exclaiming "I had no knowledge of this" (or equivalent) before we see the shot of the Alpha

    This is just advice and you need to this if your happy with what you have but i feel we need at least two characters interacting because otherwise it might feel as if the other characters are not engaging in the world created for them :)

  • *and you don't need to do this if your happy...*

  • I have drafted scripts. Now to apply this response.

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