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I have encountered a problem with rendering anything apart from snap shots, im working to fix it, i havnt a clue at the moment what it is, all it says is error, render aborted, not helpful. if i cant fix it i may have to do a fair bit again from an earlier saved stage and this scene file seems screwed. for now i'll keep on with the other scenes.  

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  • Hey Sean.

    Ok, it might be a problem with the temp files so first try this. Take your scene file and move it somewhere, say to the desktop. Then take another file you have, and copy it to the same location the other file originally was. Then rename the copied file to the same name as the original file. Open that file and hit render.

    Does the render log show any other information?
    its usually located here:


    Or/ export all of the geometry to a new scene.

    Recommended: Assign a single lambert shader to all of your geometry and see if it renders. then you can rule out whether its a shading problem or a geometry problem (or something else entirely).

    You should download the latest update: Service pack 1, which is newer than hotfix 3. Unlike an ordinary update, you will have to reinstall Maya entirely. There are noticable changes in performance, it might help you.

    Thanks for posting this, Sean.

  • Or quite simply, login to the Autodesk Education Community and upgrade to Maya 2012...

  • Check if there are any new updates for your graphics cards too.

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