@ Sean and Adam - Plan WIP | Notice message IMPORTANT

@ Sean and Adam - Plan WIP | Notice message IMPORTANT

Communication in person is at times difficult, due to living distances between all three of us. I am now investing time to produce a guide plan. Please watch this space! Let’s all aim to do out best and revive our morale, like it was in early pre-production. 

Adam: Thanks for your continued hard work Adam. Your next task – while fairly challenging – is to collaborate with Sean in UVing and texturing the props, in readiness for placing them into the environment. Alternatively, If you’d like, you can help me UV, skin and rig the characters. First, you must make sure you are up-to-date on the character tutorials. These are suggestions, so please let us know what you would like to work on. Voice your opinion.

Sean: If you have an environment WIP, please upload it. If you are finding it difficult to interpret the environment, let me know. 

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  • I have already began UVing anyway but I will try and speak to Sean as well bascially we need to either talk to alan as a group because if you are worried it would be best to let him know and see if can address it

    OR meet as a group BEFORE christmas and sort out the problems ourselves

    I strongly recommend that we have a group chat

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