@ Adam and Sean - Opinion needed

Temporary post @ Adam and Sean. Are three scripts needed? Apart from grunts, gasps, screams and anknowledgements, I've looked over the animatic and discluding Linda, any other character dialogue is non-essential. I dunno. Let me know!


@ Adam Temporary post - Character Props

Temporary post @ Adam. Please send me the character prop files when you get time and reply to this post when you have. Thanks.


Spiders Textured

I had a thought of what would be required for the spider when the lighting and the bright red light are brought in later and remembered that as a group we decided on simple textures

Therefore I have not produced UV maps for the spiders because I felt the details would be dominated by the central red glow coming from the eye and they are shown much in the trailer, just as brief glimpses of presence.

I have chosen a wine colour for the eye because this clearly indicates the source of where the red glow would come from and in my mind, this is the colour of the eye when it's not glowing. I have textured the rest to give the spiders a shiny metalic feel to capture the period feel of the 30's - 60's.

@Dayle and Sean, is this what you meant by basic texturing, I just figured with the lighting and the red glow that we would only get an impression of the colour of each spider?

Let me know


Ammended Spider Geomentry

I took Sean's advice of eight legs and where to place them from further research and they are hopefully now more 'spider-like'.

@Dayle and Sean, Please comment back and give me your opinions on this, I think the eight legs has improved the alpha but not sure on the drone. Are you happy with these now or any other adjustments you would like me to make?

I won't start the UV's until you let me know if the geomentry is ok

Drone Wireframe

Drone Smooth Preview

Alpha Wireframe

Alpha Smooth Preview


Research - Spider Movements


Character Props - Textured

I have used a variety of basic textures, texture maps and a fur attachment. The camera has standard textures because it only features for a brief moment within the trailer at the end shot, The other colours/ textures were based on the research images found.

@Dayle and Sean, Please comment back let me know what you think


Microphone Textured

Microphone Colour Map

Boom Mic Textured

These are two renders depicting experiments for the fur used in the head of the boom mic, I prefer the light grey because it is more distinctive.

Boom Mic Colour Map

Boom Mic Bump Map

Boom Mic Spec Map

Camera Textured

Headphones Textured

Headphones Colour Map

Headphones Bump Map

Headphones Spec Map

(Checklist to be updated after Approval from the group)


Character Prop UV's

Using the props that were slightly edited by Dayle to the characters and the ones I created and modified.


Microphone UV Texture

Microphone UV Map

Boom Mic

Boom Mic UV Texture

Boom Mic UV Map


Camera UV Texture

Camera UV Map


Headphone UV Texture

Headphone UV Map


Microphone - Ammended Geomentry

I have taken the group's advice to make the shapes closer to my reference image and the handle so that Linda can grip the prop with ease.


Environment Prop Textures

I have taken the group's advice on colour scheme and looked at my research material as guidence. I have created texture maps where relevant but also used a lot of simple textures to keep to the style.

@Dayle and Sean - Let me know what you think so far, I can't get the dial to come out clear on the radio so may try something different there and I will resolve the issue with the desk as there is a section where the texture missed (Unless the bottom of the desk is not seen in the shot) Please Comment back your thoughts

Radio Textured

Radio Colour

Radio Bump

Radio Spec


Desk Textured

Desk Colour

Desk Bump
Desk Spec


Lamp Text

Lamp Colour

Lamp Bump

Lamp Spec


Flashlight Textured

Flashlight Colour
Flashlight Bump

Flashlight Spec

Emergecy Light

Emergecy Light Textured

Emergecy Light Colour

Emergecy Light Bump

Emergecy Light Spec


Lights Textured Front

Lights Textured Underneath


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