Week 6: Pitch: Plan

Week 6: Pitch: Plan

Hey guys.

Each of us can talk for 2 minutes during our pitch and then we can play a resolved animatic at the end.
Please choose another entry below: 1, 2, or 3. I’ve already placed your names next to two entries based on what you’ve created/ what I feel you’ll be comfy talking about. Let’s get green light!

Location Details
The Pitch will take place on Thursday in the CG Arts Baseroom from 2pm

'The Pitch'
·         Each Studio will give a short 10 minute film pitch.

Each pitch will include & run in the following order:

1) Branding: DAYLE
Give a brief overview of the studio's branding (logo, blog, etc).

2) Retrofest Requirements: ADAM                                                                 
Present the film’s title, explain your choice of genre & method of approach (1, 2, or 3).

3) Treatment / Plot: SEAN
Present a synopsis of the films plot and give a list of potential cast members.

4) Character Design: DAYLE
Present an overview of the design progress made in this area & explain how each character meets the requirements of the story.

5) Environment Designs: ADAM                                                                              
Present an overview of the design progress made in this area & explain how each environment meets the requirements of the story.

6) Storyboard*, Trailer, & Edit: SEAN*                                                       
Give an overview of storyboard development before showing an Animatic version of the trailer (including temporary audio).

After this feedback will be given as to whether the project has a green, amber, or red light.


Tomorrow, we should meet up and talk about our animatics/ storyboards/ pending final developments; as a group -- and with Alan's input -- and compact them. We have had many, great cooking ideas; it's finally time to dish them up! 



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