Name Ideas

Female Presenter

·         Susan Ashworth

·         Joanna Winters

·         Tracey Silverton

·         Diane Fields

·         Sarah Worthington

·         Amy Green

·         Stacey Black

·         Samantha Bradshaw

·         Carey Smith

·         BellaDeBall

·         Kylie West

·         Madison Simmons

Scientist 1 – Corrupt

·         Dr Steven Jacobs

·         Dr Percy Jones

·         Dr Wesley Owens

·         Dr Warren Carters

·         Dr Jasper Rogers

·         Dr Timothy Spellman

Scientist 2 – Crazy

·         Dr Orion Sage

·         Dr Ian Wilding

·         Dr Patrick Graves

·         Dr Larry White

·         Dr Andrew O’Sullivan

·         Dr Robert Tempest

Camera Guy

·         Andrew

·         Connor

·         Terry

·         Jonny

·         Scott

·         Tony

This is some character name ideas that I thought about or heard recently and just experimenting, I feel the cameraman should only be referred to by his first name.

@Dayle and Sean - Let me know what you think so far

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