Intial Concept - Robot Spider Developed

I have looked to some of the successes of my earlier ideas and decided to focus on these as a better inspiration. Also I took on board what Dayle and Sean suggested to improve such as giving the spider one eye, pod feet and the smaller spiders making up the back body on the alpha spider. I am not sure on the head shape on the alpha spider but feel as if this concept has gotten closer to what we wan't them to look like. I have included the progression stages below.

@Dayle and Sean - Same as last time, could please comment back and let me know what is and isn't working and if you wan't me to change or develop on from this.

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  • Hey Adam,

    I suppose my criticism would simply be that maybe your big spider is simply too organic-looking - that it's structure isn't clear enough - at least in this painting. This maybe in response to creative discussions your group is having about the the kind of metal/robot tech from which your spiders are made? I'd also suggest that the 'family resemblance' between mother and off-spring doesn't convince - i.e., one is toonier than the other, with the baby have completely different feet shapes and a noticeably much more retro/cute quality.

  • Thanks Phil, I shall work back into this see if I can get the family resemblance right and take the organic out of the bigger one. I will speak to Dayle and Sean about this before I do just so that I will know if I can work back into this painting or start a new :)

  • The proboscis like mouth does not work on the mother Adam. Also, why are the front two legs inflated compared to the rest?

    In your developmental robot spiders influence map I like the biggest design at the bottom left.

    Please take a look at these influences I've picked: image 1 and image 2

    In image 1: Elements including the joints and pistons which add a robotic nature to the spider. The head of the spider does not work (for us anyway), though the metal material can be used. As the segments of the legs on the spider continue, there is a dramatic rotation.

    In image 2: The metal padding/guards on the legs is something to consider. The head dips inwards (which you've already considered in your concepts).

    Take note in both of the images, the abdomen is missing on the designs on the spiders. This gives the idea that the robot has evolved and does not need one. Something looks a little "off" with just the head. We can totally get away with this for our robot spider. It adds a surreal robotic touch. I'm not telling you what to do, I'm giving you ideas to play around with. There is no need to start over. The prosoma (head) of the spider works, however the abdomen of the spider looks hidden in your concepts, especially the baby. Unintentionally, it looks good. The anatomy of our robot does not need resemble an organic spider entirely.

    Maybe you could do some back profile concepts of the spiders? Including the designs of their spinnerets?

  • As we have no idea how Sean is progressing with the work, I am going to complete my own storyboard in readiness for next week. Please feel free to experiment with your imagery; it is coming along nicely. I appreciate your effort.

  • Thanks for the advice and compliment, I indeed agree with image 2 and maybe consider the whole back abdomen on the mother to be made up of her young like in the video you showed which I will make clearer with more development

    I'm not sure about the image on the influence map that is still too organic and I think I will crank up the machine features e.g pistons, etc and see what could help my design become clearer to your and Phil's suggestions

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