Development: Group Meeting Third Week

Development: Group Meeting Third Week

An itinerary of working ideas:

·         Peoples obsession with technology going in heavily armed with gadgets. The idea that the technology is the evil here. Technology convergence. A logical parallel to the spiders
·         Possible ending to trailer: Ending with a phone ringing (something pop culture)
·         Up-to-date with a 50’s feel

Character archetypes (a bunch of nameless*):

The female presenter
·         The female presenter*: Glasses; shortsighted. Scare tactic opportunity.
·         She is ambitious/ambitiousness
·         Over-enthusiastic
·         Microphone tech & equip
·         Introducing our “Daphne Blake”.

The scientist tour guide
·         One of the characters to turn, just like Jack Nicholson in, The Shining.
·         This guy is over-observant/subservient
·         Somebody knows parts of the layout in the facility.
·         Inherited rumors; this twisted guy (our scientist) draws the news crew in. He is not giving the full story. Without him, the story is revealed in the limelight to the news crew as they soon become the victims of something unimaginable.
·         This guy also knows more than he is letting in on.

Male (on-screen)
·         That... guy. The brains of the group.
·         “Velma Dinkley”/ “Tin Tin”
·         Really skeptical about the trip to the lab. This place looks normal..., but something is a little off. The guy who ch

Cameraman (off-screen)
·         We decided to shortlist our cast, removing the camerawoman. The cameraman will be the only off-screen character.

“Tarzan” scientist
·         The idea that the “survivor” in the underground lab, has created weapons out of surrounding material, paired with knowledge of technology and gadgetry.
·         Another Jurassic Park; predators are the spiders. (Although they’re really not that bad... Honest!) Similar roles.

·         Design language! This is fundamentally the last aspect of our narrative we need to establish!
·         The story is quite adult themed, with scare-tactics and nature of horror. Aiming for a realistic > stylistic ratio. Though a nice mix of the two.
·          Being a graphic novel. Artist needs to find rules. Colour rules. What works with characters’ personalities. Know the character, be the character, breath life into the character.
·         Untouched environment. Eerie, because the lab does not have that certain abandoned-quality to it from the inside.
·         Energy sources. To draw out spider.
·         Energy source needs to be present.
·         Spider is provoked by gadgetry.
·         Teetering towards graphic novel.
·         Certain shapes of characters/
·         Ambivalent scientist
·         50’s design, objects, furniture, music, etc, but bring characters to the future. Modernised.
·         Haunted house. Pristine state. Such a derelict site from the outside, but the inside is pure, and strange. Impregnable shell.
·         Thematic trailer. Formulate a language for the film. We are thematic, so synonymous with the story now. Let’s really understand “everything”. Let’s orchestrate our world; the puppet masters.
·         World building language > Green light
·         Filtered through that logic.
·         Storyboarding dialogue. Articulate natural lines, then work with both Alan and Phil to refine.
·         Unintentional weapons in character pockets: E.G. Mobile phones; Facebook logged in, iPads, iPhones, Blackberry; BBM. All that jazz. This up-to-date gadgetry that interferes with the spiders’ sensory. It irritates them like mad! They cannot manipulate the electricity in the gadgetry because it is modern culture. They destroy it manually.
·         White noise on camera; handheld and security wall-mounted. Unintentional indicator meaning that when this happens, one of the spiders is nearby. That's why the news crew have some sort of warning prior to the attack; the spiders’ ability to interfere with the electricity. This also raises tensions.
·         The electricity is turned on upstairs on ground level.
·         The sliding door descends down into the underground facility. Rather than an elevator/stairwell. A one-way ticket to an experience they’ll never forget!
·         When cast get down to the underground facility, door closes.
·         However, spiders feed on electricity. Hence, they can manipulate the electric; the “white” lights. The metallic properties of their bodies allows them to do this. Electricity in their radius can be deactivated, especially if it is a light source, as they also find this irritating preferring the dark.
·         Colour is a disadvantage.
·         When the spiders see the red emergency lights -  they have spider vision, allowing them to see the red warmth/temperature in the bodies of the news crew - this confuses them. They’re not really sure if it is human or not. (This is only a working idea. Unlikely to be used as a method to drive the plot/the sequences of the teaser trailer).

To do over next week and what has been agreed:

·         Use this research as influence that can be brought into the design world of story
·         Final script
·         Find some voice over artists to read small passages of dialogue
·         Find some more sounds that might work with what we have already
·         'World building' and design language - filter logic and style in drawing
·         Sum up words that identify trailer to formulate structure of story
·         Visuals - sketches and intial concepts
·         Final concepts - photoshop digital paintings for characters and environments
·         Rough storyboard
·         Final storyboard

Pitch requirements
·         Basic Art OF PDF showing research, sketches, concepts and storyboard
·         Movie animatic with soundtrack

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