Development: Looking at all notes and compacting information

Development: Looking at all notes and compacting information

Trying to think about the ingenuity of special effects and control of the stage. Our ideas are cooking:

A scientist sells to a news crew a story about an abandoned scientific project. The female presenter is struck by the idea; really fancies it, likes the sound of this place. Scientist doesn’t really know what lurks down there.

News crew bribe scientist to take them down to an abandoned advanced research facility. To find out what advanced technology was going on. Female presenter wants to make a big hit; convinces some of members to go down with her to make the interview and shoot. The news crew sneak into this place surreptitiously.

Fear seems to lurk near the laboratory because of disturbing disappearances starting to happen.

News crew investigating a document, which is apparently not on records.

Male Scientist (Tour guide): -
Female Presenter (scream queen): With glasses (the glasses are an ingredient to inspire a scare tactic/ also represents ladies beauty and intelligence of era))
Cameraman 1 & 2(off-screen): Male & Female who will interact with a variety of reactions and vocal expressions
Victim/knowledge of events/Male Scientist already in facility: The character who is playing the strings, in a sense. This man has been experimenting on some new prodigy/ new compound metal and it is like living metal. Made up of millions of nanobots that connect to each other. The scientist becomes sentimentally attached to the spider and programs nanobots into the spider. The spider learns to duplicate, as well as discovering other abilities in the real world.
Alpha Spider: The spider turns into an intelligent, living weapon. At will, they separate into nanobite spiders. The spider feeds on electricity and metal to replicate.

Minimalising workload
Instead of animating lip-sync over the entire trailer, we intend to employ camera techniques which will

source is facing in another direction based on conditions: E.G. camera could be facing down as camera guy/girl sets it up.


Screeching, electronic walking noises
Noises of the small nanobot spiders
Music (theme)

Camera and Lighting Techniques
·         Different camera perspectives, creating elements of confusion; eyes of the spiders; recording camera; security camera; first and third-person.
·         Economic and intelligent shots = results in quicker production.
·         Similar to transformer noises/Adds to realism of a robot
·         News Crew VS. Scientist character archetypes?
·         Living robot spider (almost real, it’s thought processes are similar to humans but it is more intelligent)
·         Silhouette coming towards you with a massive light behind it, resulting in a distorted trick which is cliché in horror movies
·         Playing around with shadows and insect silhouettes

Architectural/Environment Design
·         White walls
·         Emergency lighting (emits red)
·         New and old sectors:
o    Wires hanging out of parts of walls and ceilings, which have been attacked
·         A canteen/ food court
·         Main hub
·         Corridors

Alternate design of spiders
Design 1) Wolf spider-esque design. Mother has canisters on back/ egg sack. Baby spiders compose the back of the creature. Trailers focuses on scaring viewers by playing with their arachnophobia/psyche. 1 eye. 6 eyes. Properties of the spider, which help depict robotic design/ nature.

Design 2) The spiders are not attracted to red light/colours due to seeing it as an image of themselves. Spiders do not react hostile to red light as they feel it’s a neutral resemblance of themselves. These emergency Lights; dull lights.

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