Intial WIP Concept: Lab Corridor

I find Environment concepts harder to produce but I decided to try and the visualise the corridor at the pinnacle moment when the Spider's gaze causes a strong red light to occur from the ceiling vent. I decided to paint the space black and white so that the red light would be strong and show how it would cause an impact into the dark corridor. This has caused this concept to have a film noir feel, which was not my intention but I think it works to create an abandoned ghostly feel to represent that these characters are going back to an enviroment to how it was left in the past.

Stages of Progression

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  • Hey Adam.

    This is shaping out nicely. My only concern is that the red glow is not clear enough and instead looks strangely fluidic; at the end of the corridor there has been an explosion of gore/ bloody inners pouring from the ceiling.

    You could apply a colour balance adjustment layer/ blurry red brush. The spider's eye is now currently the only light source in the corridor (assuming this is a still capturing the moment the spider detects the news crew) therefore the redness should travel further towards them (us). There should be more spread, not a halt.

    Just a thought...

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