(@Sean and Adam) Concept: Lady Presenter (V2)

(@Sean and Adam) Concept: Lady Presenter (V2)

A stylistic rehash of our female presenter, Linda. There are now soft and easy shapes to work with, based on my experience of getting to grips with the Maya character tutorials. This particular design has been toned down significantly with consideration given to in advance on the time it’ll take to model all three characters (Linda, Rick, and Vincent) and everything else. Studio feedback required ASAP, it is greatly appreciated. This did not take me long at all; we will definitely have three designs to show Alan tomorrow.

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  • Yes Dayle I like this better feels so much more 1950s

    Tell me what you think of the images I found in the previous post as well tomorrow :)

  • Really like these, Dayle. Very cute! :D (and I like the the desaturated version).

  • Dayle these are sweet, straight from the first glance the design feels so much for styled to the 50's. like phil i like the desaturated version, i think thats alot stronger for the 50's characteristics, a low tech, newly developed camera style thats basic and not very developed, much like the 50's comprise of technology, it also plays nicely with the 50's black and white standard T.V. and film, a mono toned and desaturated effect. all in all very nice.

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