(@Adam and Sean) Development: Environmental Interpretation (Based on Animatic)

(@Adam and Sean) Development: Environmental Interpretation (Based on Animatic)

This post officially marks the sharing out of our pipeline. We can now work on individual tasks and progress smoothly. Despite the episode with my computer and the problems I am sure we are all facing, let’s do our best to create something before Thursday’s lesson with Alan.  

Right, please interpret the environment based on this simple, dynamic birdseye view of the animatic. Alternate between the actual animatic and this environmental interpretation for guidance; the blue highlighted areas in the video are visible, onscreen areas which can be seen in the animatic. Any questions please leave a comment and see me during the week. I am going to revise Rick and Vincent’s character design consistency at some point. We are on the fringes of character modelling/ environment modelling, guys. Progress with full throttle.

Please share your thoughts. I need to know how you are feeling about this or else we cannot go anywhere.

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  • Yes Dayle I can see what you are going for here, gives a good indication of the shape and layout of each room

    I have already begun my individual task yesterday but I have used the animatic as this is much clearer in terms of props and I will post this up soon

    Hopefully if Sean can get some detailed sketches done then we should 'Move Forward' I also intend to talk to him about the spider and sort out which designs we deffiantly want to use for the mother and spinerettes

    Don't Panick I intend to have something for Alan one way or the other :)

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