Inspiration for 1950's style of world and characters

I found some inspiration from comic graphics, illustration, films and cartoons to start considering styles and techniques that we could use as our rules for designing.

Obviously there is a range of examples here but this will give our group many possibilities and routes to go down. A range of ideas to discuss, once I know more about the sort of style we like, I can research and dive deeper to look design worked for that specific narrative media.

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  • A nice variety of sources. One of our main targets to hit tomorrow is to try and hone in on an established style for our animation. This will apply to the characters and the environment consequently.

    Will continue to play around with some concepts in readiness for tomorrows session.

    Thanks Adam.

  • nice adam, there's alot here to work with and definitely things/ideas we can pull from these to work into our stylized design of the stories content. i like partially like the feel of the 2nd image down, its style is very spooky but clean cut, i style the Alien films use alot. also the 5th and 3rd images from the bottom have nice 50's characteristics and feel, very mono tone around the areas of less importance in the image.

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