Prop Development - Completed Desk

I also completed the desk yesterday but I made major differences in the design to make it work within the environment. Most of the features are still in there such as the drawers, back legs and shape. I haven't modelled the lock hole in because I felt it would be easier to add this in texturing as the draw doesn't open and remains fixed throughout the opening shots.

Wireframe on Shaded model

Smooth Preview Front

Smooth Preview Side

Smooth Preview Back

Smooth Preview 3/4 Turn

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  • Hey Adam. I know I have not been leaving comments regularly. Apologies.

    This is not entirely working. The design on top of the desk looks way to sharp; the left compartment looks like a mini-fridge and the quad compartments are all... different sizes, varying as they descend in compartment. Is this a design choice? Extrude and bevel where necessary. I like that you are proceeding ambitiously with the project—some of these designs are really funky; you're churning them out to a rapidly impressive rate..., But be careful not to overdo and pass aside obvious details within the geometry. This desk is too "stylish", something you'd find in a goofy version of IKEA. It should immediately read “science lab”. Eliminate the flatness on the top, and distribute additional polygons throughout. Maybe surround the left compartment with a frame so it doesn’t look as solo? Remember also onscreen prop time: How long props will be on screen for; appropriate with details based on what will be important objects, and what will not be.

    Because time is tight, do not take to heart on prepared feedback from here on out. Do what you must do to complete the props - you’re doing well - so please keep it up! It’s clear you’re having fun with this, and the results are showing.

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