Rigging: Vincent | Legs and Feet ->-> Tounge

Rigging: Vincent | Legs and Feet ->-> Tounge

@Adam and Sean: Expect to see all three characters completed by tomorrow. I'll quickly guide you through the controls of the rig, then we can begin our animation. If you can get a good nights sleep tonight, can we aim to be early birds tomorrow, 8:30 sharpish?
@Adam: The playblast animation of the desk looks fine. Will go over this tomorrow. I noticed you hesitated to texture the pieces of the paper/ blueprints on the desk while the desk itself was textured; were you thinking of using the textures I created of the blueprint in the animatic? Even if you didn't, that'd probably be a good idea instead of gallivanting for new textures. I have a high res PSD file saved somewhere of the blueprint. I'll make sure to bring it in tomorrow, then you can sort that out?
@Sean: Do your best to complete the environment by tomorrow. Incidentally, while typical laboratories are decorated in a bland, white coat/ have no particular colour scheme, I think we can avoid UVing unnecessary geometry. Walls and flooring we'll avoid, seeing as we can make heavy duty adjustments in After Effects. We will go through and find specific textures for plot objects in the lab, i.e. Blueprints, vault door, one or two corrugated/ destroyed corridors. These objects which help direct the mood of the trailer. Depending on how we progress into the animation; if we can aim to complete a raw series of animation cuts, it may then be better to find suitable shaders that will operate as the textures on the walls and flooring. We'll worry about major textures after we have blocked out and completed a raw animation; due to time. 

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