Pre-Vis: 00:01:30 W.I.P.

Pre-Vis: 00:01:30 W.I.P.

Hopefully there’s a nice sync between some of the cuts. Fine tuning may be needed, however let's start animation and monitor the pacing. The montage cuts which will take place in the third portion of the trailer will involve two running scenes; Vincent runs and falls into a metallic web, and Linda runs and trips to the floor in a corridor (glimpse). We will come up with a plan to see how we can place the spider confronting camera scene tomorrow. Overall, the aim is to balance a nice selection of animation shots; upper, lower, full body, face.

@Group: Let's talk tomorrow afternoon/ evening and animate. It's really important the files uploaded / attached to the Facebook message are working and are fully stable. Let me know how they are fairing before midday - if you can! - and notify me if there are any abnormalities relating to the scenes. We'll condense time this way.    

Edit: Instead of spider dropping from vent, spider needs to be more visible and menancing. Maybe it should already be on the ground. Scaling the size of it up.

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