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Hey guys, the blog is a bit of a mess at the moment. Let me know what aspects of it you think are working and what aren’t. Namely; colours, borders, titles for sections. I’ll do my best to sort it out. Want your input on designs so we can make it better! :)

@Sean: You should create a logo, give it a go. Maybe we can come up with several designs and then go from there? I've got a few (my mock logo reminds me of a holiday resort. Lol).

@Adam: Feel free to upload your work. Would you prefer if I sorted out the blog first so that text errors don’t appear?

@Sean & Adam: I’ve uploaded all of the ideas we recorded yesterday. Sounds good so far.

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  • Not sure on text colour but rest of design is fine at the moment I even think the logo is a good work in progress like the spider in the corner. I will put the work I have been doin over the past week up on sunday and hopefully extra if I get time but I will use it as soon as I more work that might be useful and will try to think more on the characters :)

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