Narrative Project Briefing: Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to StudioCrawler (pending name)! We are team of three from the University of the Creative Arts Rochester, challenged to create a short animated film trailer (or teaser trailer) for a fictional film. The footage will be no more than 1 minute 30 seconds in length and based around genre(s): Sci-fi, Horror, or Film Noir. Keep an eye out as we work diligently to take on Unit 1 - Narrative: Retro-fest. Team members and individual blogspots:

Adam Webb
Dayle Sanders
Sean Banford

Our selected title is: “Attack of the robot spiders

Some of the conditions on the brief include designing a trailer using one of the following methods of approach (Options 1 – 3) and by basing its cinematic roots in the period 1930 – 1960.

* Option 1 – “One Foot in the Past, One Foot in the Future”: Making a film trailer that has its roots in the past whilst representing a possible future.

* Option 2 – “The B-Movie: Movies of Dubious Quality”: Making a B-Movie of deliberate dubious quality.

* Option 3 – “The Long Lost Film”: Creating a convincing trailer that mimics the period in which it is pretending to have been made.

The deadline is Thursday 19th January 2012. A title jam packed with creepy crawly possibilities! Stay tuned, we’re going to make your squirm in your seat!  

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StudioCrawler is a team of students working together on a collaborative project at the University of the Creative Arts Rochester, studying CG Arts & Animation. Stick by and watch us as we are challenged to create an animated film trailer for the festival Retro-Fest. Keep an eye on our news section and Twitter feed for latest StudioCrawler news and updates.