Development: Group Meeting Second Week

Development: Group Meeting Second Week

Reinventing the synopsis/logline:
In a large underground laboratory, scientists are mysteriously murdered when their experimental creation is deliberately released.

Hidden under a normal building, is an abandoned facility for research on biological weapons and illegal genetic engineering. Below awaits something unimaginable.

Survivors are brought to a large underground lab, where they attempt to determine the nature of a robot that lingers in shadows before it starts a world-wide epidemic.


·         A rag-tag group consisting of scientists and a news crew (2-3 main characters, and a selection of character bios).
·         The queen robot spider divides into smaller spiders. The properties of the nanobot metal allows her to do this.
·         The spiders are hidden from the characters/viewer at the beginning of the trailer, forcing suspense from the unknown.
·         Possible mcguffin: Hunting down news crew until spiders attack and remove battery from camera, which is the source of irritation/provoke; battery attraction.
·         50’s setting
·         Think about location; where is the building (lab) going to be?
·         Bug horror movies; tradition of bug movies
·         Character drops handheld torch, revealing spider movements. As they lean down to pick it up, revealed is the body of the spider-- a blind spot to the character; they will not notice.
·         Electronic legs in darkness, characters walking blind essentially
·         Character understanding/Realisation
·         Security Camera (?): Looking at movements in the corridor
·         Update the themes/not the instrumentalities
·         A building which has depths; happens to be an ordinary visual but the further they go down, the lowest you can go; Do not go in the basement!
·         Abandoned warehouse, penitentiary
·         Human vision, robot spider vision, camera vision, security camera vision
·         Blurry “Siren Blood Curse” type of vision. (A bloody red and grunge green hue through spiders eyes.)
·         Spider vision: Colour co-ordinate/ redness. Their vision works on colours based around: Body temperature, environment temperature, etc.
·         Catalysts such as a motion detector; scanning radar, to detect presence.
·         Electromagnetic detector; energy pockets.
·         Radar goes off when spiders enter vicinity. Local radius/zone. In ceilings, underground, in the walls...etc.
·         Hypochondriac (female news reporter)
·         Props which force the idea earlier on that this place is a desolate lab.

Potential techniques/Cuts:

·         Grizzly goings-on in the lab every time the lights go out.
·         Closed-circuit television/ Surveillance; long foreboding corridors
·         Losing grasp of flashlight, falls to ground, reveals spider silhouette(s).
·         Electromagnetic, hand held radar; pulses of spider movement.
·         Leap of faith; “Indiana Jones”; one member of news crew must enter a dark room; the sounds of electronic legs moving.
·         We gradually reveal the ferocity of the spiders and their scope; because we the characters are underground, we can play on the nighttime before plunging the protagonists in an eclipse that will seriously complicate their survival.
·         A “realistic” spider design, first overexposed and very dark
·         Rather than devouring the victims, the spiders eat metallic objects (spider expansion). Though, the spiders’ movements appear hostile to the characters as this technique questions whether characters should reconsider if they’re arachnophobic.
·         Use of background flashbacks at the beginning of the trailer past to the present, during which the audience certainly hear, feel, and experience the trauma of the victim/scientist
·         The fascination for the female character
·         Tension grates on the viewer from start to finish. The ending if you can call it that poses no resolution-- only an unanswered question, yet is not unsatisfying.
·         The soundscape is inhabited by screaming or gnashing and the images are overloaded with accessories, patterns introducing visual field disturbances.
·         Strict direction of the horror front, but they leave the viewer's mind to roam around the suggested! (Spider shadows, shapes and sizes)
·         Filmed in an anonymous manner; giving the audience the impression that the camera is another character.
·         Different members hold camera (members get lost).
·         Bivalent logic: The scenery is enhanced with geometric shapes - to allude the sense that something monstrous or otherworldly is incredibly notorious, tyrannising.

Movies to look at for inspiration
Deconstructing ideas, and then reconstructing them for our whole narrative:

·         Tarantula! (50’s)
·         Eight Legged Freaks
·         Devil (2010)
·         Arachnophobia (1990)
·         Cat People
·         Pitch Black

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