Ideas: Early Discussion (subject to be edited/ text assorted)

·         Story Ideas
·         Logo ident > Act 1 – Introduction > Act 2 – Problem > Act 3 - Climax > Credits
·         Mixing the ordering of the acts
·         Starting with someone walking somewhere. As a group; they get lost. Encounter with the baby spiders in a nest. Gradually, they start to grow as victim walks through the hive. Main area of nest lies mother spider.
·         Cyborg humans?
·         Cropped cuts. Jaggered scene editing similar to Kill Bill. Two scenes will play together. Instead of remodeling all of the geometry, change the lighting and improvise on these elements.
·         Uncanny. Hospital scene. Could be blood everywhere. In these points set the characteristics of what is alive and what has destroyed the place.
·         POV parts.
·         Shifting towards the 50’s - 60’s setting; giving us more back in the day technology to use in our story maybe.
·         Cold war spider creation. The predecessor.
·         Making use of the timeline. So playing around with our constraint, which is the timeline condition.
·         Radio broadcasting at the start. Through the ident leading through to the trailer we can have over the top broadcasting material. Danger is climatic and all fast-paced. Goes through into aftermath.  
·         Good VS. Bad robot spiders.
·         Spiders reincarnate from acidic/metallic leftovers.
·         Spiders eat metal or similar property to reproduce.
·         Starts out in ladies kitchen. Electronic sound grabs her attention. She is curious. Looks around. Looks at it. Screams.
·         Clever transition through character’s eyes and thought processes. Films such as ‘Taken’; Liam Neeson’s mental vision à transition to another cut.
·         Double transition.
·         Scientific words which relate to specific parts of robotics/spider/parts of a lab. SFX and off-screen suggestion.
·         Some kind of static image. Sounds play the big part and it comes into focus as the clip progresses along. Cloverfield-esque. Camera source has fallen down, viewer is impaired to see what exactly is happening. (Good type of production cut as saves lot of time modeling what would have been in perception of action or background).
·         Pre-Blair Witch breakthrough.
·         Camera could alternate between POV, Security camera field. Extracting general sci-fi elements from Cloverfield/in a lot of sci-fi films where a shot is approaching a door (a red screen – representing the camera) and incorporating it into.
·         Based in an environment (some kind of interior – lab, science arena/advanced science research center with added levels of cheesiness).
·         Characters hairstyles/ costume unique to era.
·         Characters look at something and it looks like a flicker of a ghost scene. The effect of presence in the room.
·         Spiders take refuge in a sewer in absurdly spacious underground canals with ample room to move.
·         Camera starts on a waste point. Camera slowly pans; engulfs the shot of a sign, which warns of hazardous waste/depths. No ENTRY.
·         Silly 30’s-60’s style blonde, and scientist.
·         Robot spiders. They infest something, such as an old fashioned computer.
·         An alpha/mother robot spider that divides into baby clones (chrome/silvery neonates).
·         Machinery.

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