Development - Basic Plot for Narrative Project

Development - Basic Plot for Narrative Project

·         Our party members are threatened, with only one character wishing to preserve the robot spiders for the sake of science.

·         The film must be the spirit of time. By making something formidable; Robot spiders/virus threatens to spread the whole Earth.

·         Maybe there is a motion detector based on the Geiger counter (like in Ridley Scott’s, Alien) used to locate the movements of the spiders.

·         Somebody operating in the shadows?

·         The robot spiders are virtually indestructible. Therefore, the team must stick to run and hide tactics.

·         Concepts such as the emergence and evaluation of human characteristics

·         Scientists who meddle with things better left alone. In the end, it is American servicemen and sensible scientists who win the day over the robots.

Thinking about the metallic properties of Captain America’s shield/ using this metal as a design for the spiders in our narrative:
“The shield is created by a fictional American metallurgist named Myron MacLain, who had been commissioned by the US government to create an indestructible armor material to aid the war effort. MacLain experiments with the vibration-absorbing metal vibranium.”

Story 1

Mashing together random elements in hope that we can extract something that we think would potentially work.

A scientific expedition in a US laboratory in search of a rare metal is faced with a horrific creation: Hidden under the guise of a machine, the robot spider. A group of experts tries to decode the nature of the spider, but it flees with the help of its speed/aviation (?). It leaves behind part of its shell, resembling an orb. Upon discovery of the orb, as well as a suspicious remote, they are studied by the team. The spider, understanding it is being controlled, which it does not like – returns to attack; dividing into several more spiders, managing to strike and remove the female of the group. A male member is wounded, and the team realise the remote is destroyed.   

By investigating further, the team find pieces of paper discussing a case involving the suspicions and speculations about the purpose of the spider.

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